SCA will endeavour to repair a product first before considering exchanging or refunding a product.

Software Returns will be handled on a case by case basis. Once opened, installed and/or activated/registered there is very little we can do and in most cases returns are not possible.

Repair, Exchanges or Refunds will only be given if the product;

  1. Is faulty and you were not aware of it when you bought the product;
  2. Does not do the job we led you to believe it would do;
  3. Does not match the sample you were shown;
  4. Was not as described on this site.

SCA prides ourselves on our customer service but as per the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 we will not refund a customer for the following reasons.

  1. You have simply changed you mind.
  2. You have seen it cheaper somewhere else.
  3. You have opened the goods.
  4. You have not returned all of the goods (including original packaging).
  5. The goods have been physically damaged.
  6. The goods are outside of warranty.
  7. You don’t have the skills/knowledge to install and configure the product.


SCA Warranty Includes:

Hardware related faults that have occurred in the normal day to day operation of the product. This includes the Electronic Computer System defined as the Central Processing Unit (CPU), including, but not exclusive to, the following;

  1. Motherboard,
  2. Hard Disk Drive(s),
  3. Internal Drives for peripheral equipment,
  4. Internal DVD/Blu-ray unit(s),
  5. Internal tape back-up unit and drive(s),
  6. RAM memory,
  7. Internal cards of every description,
  8. Internal Speakers,
  9. Internal Modems,
  10. Power Supply Unit,
  11. Monitor.
  12. Mouse.
  13. Keyboard.
  14. All fans will be covered for the first 150 days after installation only.

SCA Warranty Excludes:

  1. Any consequential or indirect loss or damage.
  2. Loss or damage in any way arising from or out of accidental damage to or misuse of computer equipment, fire, lightning, explosion, malicious damage, storm and/or tempest, water damage, aircraft, impact, burglary and / or theft or any attempt thereof.
  3. Loss or damage relating to or arising out of any defect in the computer equipment which was known to the User at the time of sale.
  4. Any loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by or as a result of war, nuclear weapons, nuclear fuel, contamination by ionising or electromagnetic radiation.
  5. Loss or damage arising from or relating to the attachment of or incorporation into a computer equipment system additional products or components, unless such attachment or incorporation is carried out by your dealer or an Authorised Standard Computers Australia Service Centre / Agent.
  6. Arising out of or relating to reformatting of any disk in any computer equipment.
  7. Any defect caused by abuse, improper installation or operation, unauthorised modification, loss of parts, tampering or attempted repair by a person not authorised by Standard Computers Corporation.
  8. Arising from failure due to fair wear and tear.
  9. Arising from or relating to all batteries, trackballs or other pointing devices, of notebook screens beyond one year from the date of installation, or any other consumable item, fuses, tapes or software.
  10. Arising from any loss of data resulting from malfunction of the product purchased, its parts or accessories.
  11. Relating to or arising from any damage resulting from fusion and/or the like, lightning, voltage spikes or other fluctuations in power supply.
  12. Arising from third party property damage and/or third party bodily injury.
  13. By failure to complete the warranty registration form and detail the equipment to be covered by this warranty.
  14. Any problems caused by factors other than product defects.

Any warranty shall not be deemed to be valid unless payment to Standard Computers Australia Pty Ltd has been made in full.

Subject to the statutory rights referred to above, all entitlements under this warranty and the liability of Standard Computers is expressly limited and personal to the original purchaser of the new product(s).

Standard Computers Australia may, at its option, repair or replace any defective product or part thereof or pay the value thereof in money after making reasonable allowance for depreciation and fair wear and tear.

Standard Computers Australia does not guarantee any claims by the manufacturer as to compatibility, connectivity or the ability of the product to perform certain functions.

Procedure for Warranty Claim

If you believe that the product you have purchased is faulty and is still under warranty please follow the procedure below.

Before requesting a warranty repair, please take the time to check the following;

Make sure you understand the warranty terms and conditions.

If a warranty claim is found not to comply with the terms and conditions set out for repairs under your warranty, a service charge at the rate applicable at the time of the call will apply and be required to be paid before the goods are returned. For this reason, minors will not be permitted to log warranty calls.

Check the installation is correct.

Installation and / or relocation of products are your responsibility and are not covered under normal warranty, with the exception that a Standard Computers Australia representative preformed the service.

Check the controls and settings.

Check that all user controls and settings are set in accordance with the instruction manuals.

Check your software.

Check that all software has been correctly installed and / or reinstalled and all relevant updates have been installed. Software related faults are not covered by warranty. Requests for rectification of problems related to software installation or usage WILL incur a charge, even if a hardware fault has been attended to at the time of the service call. Our service agents will not service any problem caused by use of unlicensed software, original software must be purchased before work will commence. Make sure all internet security is up to date.

Check the accessories.

Any accessories that are attached to the product should be detached and functionality rechecked. A service call in relation to an accessory not covered under Standard Computers Warranty will incur a service charge.

Once you are confident the above steps have been confirmed then proceed with the following;

  1. Call our service department on 03 9315 1234, email [email protected] or Click on “Got a question” on our website and fill in the form.
  2. A lot of products (Laptops, Monitors, and Printers to name a few) warranties are handled by the manufacturer therefore the technician may direct you to call the manufacturer before moving on to the next step.
  3. Our service department will try to resolve the issue over the phone and/or via remote desktop.
  4. If the problem cannot be solved via the phone/remote desktop. The goods need to be returned to SCA (at the customer’s expense).
  5. Once the fault has been confirmed by our technicians, where possible we will attempt to repair the fault and/or send it to the distributor/manufacturer to repair.
  6. If the fault cannot be repaired and the product is still a current model we will replace the product.

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