F.A.Q. = Frequently Asked Questions


1.My PC wont switch on?

  • a.Check the Power Point.
    • Make sure it is plugged in firmly.
    • Make sure it is switched on.
  • b.Check where the power cord plugs into the PC.
    • Make sure it is plugged in firmly.
    • Make sure the Power Supply is switched on at the rear of the unit (not all Power supplies have this switch)
    • Make sure the power supply is set to 230 or 240V and not 110V (not all Power supplies have this switch)
      • If it is switched to 110V you will need to bring in the PC.

2. My Laptop wont turn on?

  • Remove the power adapter
  • Remove the battery
  • Press the laptop power button ( to discharge capacitors)
  • Insert Battery
  • Plug in power adapter
  • Try now.
  • If it still doesnt work, bring it in to our service department.
  • If it is under warranty take it to the nearest manufacturers service centre.

3. Do I require my invoice if I require warranty?

  • Yes. If you cant find you invoice perhaps a bank statement if you paid by Credit card. If you paid by cash we may be able to find your invoice but the time it takes may incur a cost.

4.What are your service department hours of operation?

  • Monday to Thursday: “ 9am to 5:30pm
  • Friday: “ 9am to 7pm
  • Saturday: “ 9:30am to 2:30pm (Quick Repairs and book ins only)

5.How soon will I get my computer back if I bring it in?

  • We will always do an on-the-spot inspection. If we can resolve the problem within a short period of time (10-15 minutes), we will work to fix it then and there. If it needs to be checked in, we will quote a turnaround and an estimated price. Average turnaround is three business days. This can change depending on how many computers are currently in for repair. We also offer priority services for same-day or next-day repairs for an additional fee.

6.Can you fix Laptops?

  • We can fix all brands and styles of laptops. Screen, Keyboard, Battery and Power Supply replacements. We also have a board level certified technician that can repair most hardware issues.

7.Can you fix Printers?

  • We are an authorized service centre for both Brother and Canon printers. We can fix these printers both inside and out of warranty. If you have a different brand of printer, we most likely cannot service it as we cannot get parts. We can repair larger printers onsite, if required.

8.Can you fix phones or tablets (like the iPad)?

  • We do not service or repair either phones or tablets

9.Do you have onsite Technicians?

  • We employ many onsite service technicians of various levels of expertise. Please call and discuss your requirements with our service department.

10.Can you fix networking issues for businesses?

  • We have qualified onsite network technicians that are experienced in maintaining and repairing both business and home networking issues. We can also diagnose and maintain Server and Domain environments. Internal cabling issues (cabling that resides inside the walls of the building), however, must be fixed by a certified antenna repairman or electrician under Australian law.

11.I just received a call from Microsoft saying my computer is faulty. What should I do?

  • All calls from Microsoft are scams. Microsoft will never call you directly. These are people who call random phone numbers and try to scam money out of you by telling you that your computer has a problem. If you get a call from these people, hang up immediately.

12.I can't connect to the internet using a USB broadband (3G or 4G) modem.

  • These modems are notorious for breaking if they are removed without being ejected. If this happens, we can fix the issue in most situations and will incur a 30min charge. Alternatively, we have devices that can allow the modem to be shared throughout the house, which also fixes this issue.

13.My computer is running slow

  • There are hundreds of separate reasons why a computer could be running slow. The most common reason is that your computer may be running multiple antivirus programs. A computer is designed to work with only one antivirus at a time, even if the other antivirus programs are expired. Try going to control panel -> Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Vista or 7), and remove any antiviruses you are not currently subscribed to. If this does not fix the problem, bring the computer into our service centre.

14.My laptop's battery has stopped charging

  • Batteries only have a limited lifespan. This can vary based on where it is used and how often it is used. An average battery will last approximately two to three years. We recommend completely discharging and recharging your battery once every 3 months for the most lifespan. We can order new batteries for your laptop for $100-$150 in most cases.

15.Is my computer still under warranty?

  • Unless a separate warranty plan has been purchased, most computers have a 1 year warranty. Most of these warranties will not cover issues with software (MS Windows, etc), or physical damage.

16.Internet explorer does not load

  • This is usually due to lots of adware programs (called toolbars) that are slowing or killing internet explorer. Go into control panel --> Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Vista or 7), and remove any program that has "toolbar" in the name.

17.Will programs like "registry booster", "speed up my pc", or "driver detective" speed up or fix my computer

  • We do not recommend these programs as they can sometimes lead to more problems than solutions. The only definite way to speed up a computer is to remove programs/files you don't need, this will free up space on your hard drive. You could also upgrade the computer, by putting in more RAM and/or a faster hard drive (Solid State) can extend the life of your computer.

18.My computer is telling me I am infected!

  • Most of these programs are called "ransomware". They lock down your machine and don't let you do anything until you pay them money. These are considered viruses themselves, and need to be removed. If you have an antivirus you subscribe to, you can call your antivirus company for help. If not, or they cannot help you, the computer needs to be brought in to Standard Computers.

19.My Computer says "no bootable device found", "Please insert bootable device", "Please insert system disk", "Hard-drive not present", "Hard-drive is in imminent faliure", or similar messages without booting into windows.

  • Your hard-drive might have a problem, this is not an issue that can be solved at home. The computer will need to be taken into our service department.

20.Can you repair computers not bought from Standard Computers?

  • Yes we can. If the computer is still under warranty we would recommend taking it back you the manufacturers service centre or the point of purchase.

21.What are your Service Charges?

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