Computer and Printer Repair


Standard Computers is an Australian based company, which provides a wide range of software and hardware solutions and services to its clientele such as printer and computer repair in Melbourne. With more than 25 years in printer and computer repair services, we have accumulated a huge customer base and continue doing so with our high-end computer servicing solutions.

Each of our staff is an expert IT professional and provide excellent onsite computer repair or printer repair services as required by you and that too at a competitive rate. We have expertise in both computer hardware and software domains, which enables us to resolve a number of problems.

For instance, the solutions provided by us include but are not limited to – virus and spyware removals, motherboard repair, replacement of computer parts, printer troubleshooting, hard disk recovery, upgrading your system, keyboard or mouse problems and CD/DVD ROM repairs. All in all, when you hand over your desktop or printer to us, we will make sure that they work perfectly after we repair them.

However, if you need to replace a printer or computer equipment, then we can also help. We provide a huge collection of computer and printer parts and accessories on our website, which you can avail.

So, all you need to do is to browse our website to know more about our products and services and get in touch with us for any queries that you might have and we will answer them as soon as possible.

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