Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs

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NOTE: Standard Computers service department works on a FIFO (First In, First Out) repairs process.

Repairs Process


  • Goods bought into our Service Department are initially inspected for signs of wear and tear / damage / heats stress etc. These will be pointed out to you before the technician will continue.
  • The technician will then assess the item and form an opinion on the best course of action.
  • The technician will then discuss with you your options
  • If you wish to proceed with the repair, the technician will book you in to our system and get you to sign and date the job sheet (read this carefully, make sure the information is correct)
    • At this point, if your job can be repaired quickly (within 10min) the technician may choose to complete the repair (if time permits)
  • The technician will then give you a card with your job number on it and tell you an approximate time for repair.
    • Certain repairs require a prepayment to be made. You will be asked to pay this at this point.
  • Your job will then be placed in to the appropriate queue and attended to in chronological order.

NOTE: Please be aware that all repair times are approximate; some repairs can be very complicated and very time consuming. We ask for your patience.

  • Upon completion of your job you will be notified by phone that your job is ready for pick up.
    • From that time you are given 2 months to pick up your job before incurring storage fees ($30 per week).
      • We will call you after 1 week to remind you your job is complete and ready for pick up.
      • We will call you at 2 months and notify you that your job is about to incur additional fees.
    • At six months
      • We will send you a letter informing you of the storage costs that your job has incurred. You will be given 1 week to collect your job and pay any outstanding charges.
      • Should you not pick up your job after a week your goods will be sold to recover cost or scrapped.


  • Either Call 03 9315 1234 and talk to our Service Department or use the book a service call section on our website.
  • Our technician will ask you a few questions regarding your job and give you a breakdown of the costs involved.
  • If required our technician will contact you on the day of the job to confirm time and work required.
  • If you require the technician to do additional work not originally set out in the initial scope of the call out, time permitting, we would be happy to help. Please keep in mind the technician may have additional call outs to attend after yours.

NOTE:The technician may require additional parts or may need to take the equipment offsite to best fix the problem.


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