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Bone Collection Horn Stand - White - Enhance and I

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Bone Collection Horn Stand - White - Enhance and Increase the volume of your iPhone 4 - BN-LF10021-W

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What is the point of having great music if you cannot share it with friends? Sure, you can lend them the album, file swap those MP3s, or point them towards the local record store or digital distribution site.... Well, how about you just play them the song? Bone Collection makes sharing music, YouTube videos or any other application using sound super easy with the Horn Stand for Apple's iPhone4, the hottest gizmo around. Plug the horn into the base of your iPhone4 to direct and amplify audio, whether it is music, videos, games or even making the alarm clock louder if you have trouble waking up in the morning! Providing both audio amplification and a stable easy to use stand for your iPhone4, the awesomely retro looking Horn Stand is just what you need to amplify your iPhone4 wherever a powered speaker dock is not available - on the bus, at your friends for a sleep over, down the beach, in your tent camping in the wilderness.... There are just so many moments in life where you have your phone handy, but you don't have access to speakers. The Horn Stand from Bone Collection changes all that - and without needing batteries as well! With a small size of just 105x50x47mm, this stand is totally portable and adds little to travel weight being only 40g, so you'll be able to take the Horn Stand anywhere you take your phone, from the music store to the mountain top, or from the board room to the beach.

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