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AZIO Levetron Mech5 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (KB

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AZIO Levetron Mech5 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (KB577U)

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The Mech5 keyboard was designed to accommodate the requirements of a serious gamer. The modular D-Pad can be adjusted to perfectly complement your hands natural positions.

A simplistic design approach improves speed and accuracy by keeping just 5 Marco keys to the immediate left of your hand and 6 additional ones (D-Pad) directly above your hand.

Attach the numeric keypad on the left-wing of the Mech5 and instantly add 17 additional Macro keys to your arsenal. Attach it to the right-wing and use it as a standard numeric keypad or leave it detached to make more room for your mouse. Virtually all keys across the Mech5 are user programmable!

This keyboard is designed to be water resistant, featuring special seals and drainage gutters. Spilling your drink on your keyboard is no longer an excuse for losing!

  • Mechanical Keys: The Cherry Black mechanical switch features a linear design, ideal for rapid pressing of keys and the right stiffness to help prevent accidental key presses.
  • Fully Programmable Keys: The included software enables full customization of the entire keyboard and dedicated Macro-keys.
  • Macro D-Pad: The add-on Macro D-Pad expansion brings 6 additional programmable keys. The expansion rail enables custom positioning by sliding the D-Pad left or right.
  • Anti-Ghost/NKRO: Ensures multiple commonly pressed keys register when pressed simultaneously.
  • Water Resistant: Engineered to remain functional even if accidentally exposed to small amounts of liquid. Do not flip or shake the keyboard and the liquid will properly drain itself.
  • Win on/off Key: Disables the Windows key to prevent accidental pressing of the key during game play.
  • Volume Knob: Control the volume of your PC intuitively by turning a knob.
  • Unlimited Profiles: Create and save as many profiles as you like for maximum key customization.
  • Braided Cable & Gold-Plated Connectors: Enhanced durability and conductivity.

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