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3RD Space Small To Medium Black FPS Gaming Vest

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3RD Space Small To Medium Black FPS Gaming Vest

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The 3rd Space Vest revolutionizes the way people play video games and redefines the concept of interactive entertainment. Get pounded with body slams and blasted by gun fire - the 3rd Space Vests from TN Games take gameplay beyond sight and sound, creating spatial awareness of the world your character inhabits!

Feel what you've been missing: Physical 3D

The 3RD Space Vest is a simple, intuitive interface device that changes gaming from an activity you watch into actions you can feel. Transforming the virtual world into a tangible three dimensional space takes you beyond traditional boundaries to become a true physical presence within your game.

Be there!

Immerse yourself in the heat of the battle like never before. Sense the direction and force of bullet fire, explosions, and environmental effects, perfectly synced with the on screen action, through the vest's 8 active zones (4 in the vests front & 4 at the back). 3RD Space's revolutionary air impact technology redefines force feedback and brings you the most unique Physical 3D gaming experience ever created.

Don't just play... Play smarter & play better!

What would you do if your enemy shot back...and you felt those shots hit you? Whether playing on your home PC, custom gaming rig, console, or at multiplayer LAN parties, you'll find the answer as the vest alters your strategy and amplifies the game's intensity each time you're challenged.

Supports all of the hottest PC game titles:

The 3RD Space Vest brings a new dimension to your favourite videogames including the Call of Duty, Battlefield and Halflife franchises. Support for new FPS games is frequently added to the game driver. You'll even rediscover the enjoyment of your older titles by replaying them with 3RD Space.

View the full list of supported titles on TN Game's website.

Included PC game titles:

* Call Of Duty 2.
* 3rd Space Incursion.

Package contents:

* 3rd Space gaming vest.
* Air compressor.
* USB Cable.
* Power supply.
* Call Of Duty 2 game.
* 3rd Space Incursion game.

Would you like to know more? Check out TN Game's full product information page.

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