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Site Audit

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How it works.

A Standard Computers technician will come out and survey your site/s. They will check every Server, PC, Laptop, Printer, and anything else that makes up your network and IT infrastructure.

We then compile that data into a single document that covers your entire IT infrastructure. In that document we will give recommendation on how you can improve your setup, paying close attention to the Security, Functionallity and Reliability of the site.

The survey includes;

 A Site Summary member-modifymember-modify A complete list of all your I.T. assets,
External Connections

o Domain Name
o ISP (Internet Service Provider)
o Remote Access Details

A network diagram of your site.
A list of your Network Infrastructure

o Modem
o Routers
o Switches

IP Address Range
Security and Data Protection

o Internet Security
o Backups
o Disaster Recovery

A complete breakdown of components and software installed on

o Servers
o Workstations
o Notebooks

A list of users including

o Usernames
o Passwords
o Email addresses

File Shares (where your data is stored)
Printers and Peripherals

o Local / Stand Alone Printers
o Network Printers
o External Storage
o UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supplies)

Software Licensing
Password Summary
Site Photos

o Immediate Attention Required
o Attention Required
o Optional Attention Required

This document will give you a complete overview of your site.
Ask yourself a few questions;

1. Do you know your Administration Logon and Password?
2. Do you know your Router Logon and Password?
3. Is your Internet Security up to date?
4. Do you have licenses for all the software on your network?

If you answered No to any of these questions this document could save you thousands of dollars in maintenance and fines.

Call one of our Sales Staff for a quote on (03) 9315 1234 or email
[email protected].

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