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Panasonic UB-5335 61" Electronic Whiteboard

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Panasonic UB-5335 2 Screen Panaboard - 61" Electronic Whiteboard - UB-5335-A


Enjoy more meaningful meetings with the UB-5335-A Panaboard by eliminating the need for everyone to take notes. Participants can brainstorm and share ideas and when the meeting is over, the data created can be printed directly from the board or saved onto a PC or USB memory device. Not only does this save time and allow groups to focus and contribute to the discussion, it also ensures the ideas are accurately recorded for future review. A key advantage of this innovative board is the incorporation of Panaboard Overlayer Software*. This allows you to utilise a projector to display information or an image straight from their PC onto the whiteboard while also writing notes on the board.

  • 61" Electronic Whiteboard

  • PC/USB memory device and built-in A4 printer

  • Input Panel Dimensions: 900 x 1,262 mm

  • Slim body with a user-friendly interface

  • Energy saving design with Auto Power Off function

  • Whiteboard can be used as a projection screen. Use to overlay videos or critical information during meetings

  • Includes wall mount brackets. The stand (14UE-608005) is optional and must be purchased seperaately

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