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NetComm NP508 Powerline With WiFi

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NetComm NP508 Powerline Kit 500Mbps Powerline Kit AC Passthrough Dual Band WiFi


500Mbps Powerline Kit with Dual Band WiFi
Broadcast a powerful wireless Internet signal and extend the Internet to the far corners of your home using your existing network of Powerlines. The NetComm Wireless NP508 automatically transfers the Internet between 2 pre-paired adapters via your electrical network at speeds of up to 500Mbps. Simply plug the adapters into available power points to create a high-speed dual band wireless hotspot for reliable multi-device connectivity in any room. NP508 overview

Lightning fast Powerline
A 500Mbps data signal is transmitted between the adapters over Powerline to create an instant access point for bandwidth-intensive devices such as HD-TVs, laptops, tablets gaming consoles and Blu-ray players. Simply connect your devices directly to the Ethernet ports for a powerful broadband connection in any room.

Powerful Dual Band WiFi
One of the adapters features a dual band WiFi access point so you can create or extend a WiFi network at speeds of up to 300Mbps over different radio frequencies. Simply plug the Wireless adapter into any power socket to achieve an instant wireless hotspot for the simultaneous connection of multiple devices such as laptops, tablet computers, gaming consoles and smart phones.

Sharing the point
An AC pass-through socket is built into the other adapter so you can share the same power point with other electrical devices to lessen the need for messy double adapters or power boards. The AC-pass through socket also features noise filtering to prevent signal disruption by other electrical devices.

Works out of the box
The plug and play adapters are pre-configured to work without setup requirements. Simply connect them to power and enjoy your music, movies and gaming in any room of the house.

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