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Auzentech X-Fi HomeTheater HD HDMI v1.3a Soundcard

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Auzentech X-Fi HomeTheater HD HDMI v1.3a Soundcard

Auzentech X-Fi HomeTheater HD HDMI v1.3a Soundcard Description: The Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater HD accepts video from an external connection, mixes it with digital audio, and outputs the combined video and lossless multichannel audio via a single HDMI™ 1.3 port. The Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater HD has been designed around the latest Creative PCI Express X-Fi audio processor. For home theater enthusiasts, the processor includes HDMI 1.3 support and features Dolby Digital and DTS encoding for a single-cable connection to home theater systems. For gamers, the card leverages the power of the PCI Express-optimized X-Fi processor to deliver accelerated audio for improved game performance, with ultra-realistic EAX 5.0 effects and 3D positional audio. PCI ExpressPCI Express: PCI Express™ (PCIe) is a serial bus standard that provides a higher throughput than the older, parallel PCI bus standard. Unlike PCI Express™ sound cards built with PCI processors adapted for the PCIe slot, the X-Fi™ HomeTheater HD is built around Creative Labs' PCI Express™ processor. As a native-PCI Express™ sound card, the X-Fi™ HomeTheater HD can take full advantage of the higher-throughput of the PCIe bus. HDMIHDMI v1.3a: Enjoy Blu-ray in its full glory! The Auzen X-Fi™ HomeTheater HD is the first and only industry-supported native-PCI Express soundcard offering uncompressed audio supporting 24p True Cinema output. By delivering crystal-clear all-digital audio and video via a single HDMI connection, the Auzen X-Fi™ HomeTheater HD dramatically simplifies cabling and provides the highest-quality home theater experience. In compliance with HDCP and AACS, the Auzen X-Fi™ HomeTheater HD can play Blu-ray Audio with no downsampling, and play High bit-rate Audio such as Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream without altering the original sound when combined with Cyberlink PowerDVD (available separately). Security: The PCI-Express independent data transfer structure provides secure performance, important because Audio requires continuous data processing that is both secure and continuous. Performance: By using the latest Creative native PCI Express chipset, the Auzen X-Fi™ HomeTheater HD card provides the highest performance audio available for consumer home theater applications. With 64MB X-Ram, it will also process complicated 3D sound effects with the greatest of ease. Sound: The Auzen X-Fi™ HomeTheater HD soundcard is designed to provide the best audio possible for Music, Gaming and Movies. Auzentech selected high end audio components, a 115dB D/A converter, and tuned the analog circuit for peak performance. In addition, discerning of audiophiles can tune the sound via replaceable front (L/R) Operational Amplifier (OPAMP). Home Theater: The Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater HD outputs a bitstream of high-definition, multichannel audio from Blu-ray Discs with no downsampling, to take full advantage of lossless digital audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio when combined with Cyberlink PowerDVD (available separately).
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