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Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

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Seize the day with a joystick that keeps you at the top of your game with optimal controls personalized for your own unique gaming style. Whether you're in an acrobatic dogfight or striking from beyond visual range, the high-stability, precise Logitech Extreme 3D Pro gives you the edge on your competition. Compatible with both MAC and PC platforms, the Extreme 3D’s 12 fully programmable buttons give you an incredible amount of flexibility and performance in any situation. The precise twist handle will have you turning on a dime and zeroing in on your target with deadly accurate directional control and the handle also includes an 8-way rubber hat switch within easy thumb reach. The Extreme 3D’s throttle rotates smoothly for extraordinary control and the stable, extra heavy weighted base keeps the stick steady in even the toughest knife fights! Logitech now also include their Profiler software for the PC, enabling you to get serious about your gaming with advanced button customization, multiple controller configurations and printable gaming profiles.
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