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Luxa2 M1 Pro Notebook Cooler.

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Luxa2 M1 Pro Notebook Cooler - LUX-LCLN0001

Life should be simple yet memorable, just like the Luxa2 M1 Pro notebook cooler, which combines function, distinctive looks and pioneer ergonomics to form a notebook and laptop cooler which is both desirable and glamorous. Designed for the Digital Age's fashion conscious mobile computing aficionado, this cooler blends both classic and contemporary elements with pure luxury in the form of three embedded Swarovski crystals, ensuring your notebook cooler turns heads whenever in use! Aside from stunning looks, the M1 Pro offers improved posture and ergonomic positioning by raising the laptop or notebook to eye level. You'll stay more relaxed, more productive and be able to work and play for hours on end. Not only does the M1 Pro improve comfort for long hours of use, but raising the laptop to eye level also provides another major benefit - the best viewing angle for your laptop screen! With its completely silent inbuilt dual heatpipe cooling configuration, the M1 Pro enhances heat dissipation by providing a direct heat conduction path between the laptop’s bottom casing and the M1 Pro’s brushed finished aluminium surface, which also offers the additional benefits of an incredible, shiny appearance and corrosive resistance, which helps guard against spill & sweat damage. The Luxa2 M1 Pro notebook & laptop cooler supports 12" to 15" mobile computers and is highly recommended for, but far from limited to, Apple MacBook 13", MacBook Air 13", MacBook Pro 13" & 15" personal computers. The M1 Pro weighs only 1881g, so it is easy and convenient to transport with you.
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